Toyota’s President Has a Take on All-Electric Going

Toyota’s chairman is among the “silent majority” in the auto industry with opinions on the transition to all-electric vehicles. Toyota’s President Has a Take on All-Electric Going

A national trend of the automobile industry and the public is moving away from gasoline powered vehicles and all companies switching to electric vehicles. The adoption of electric vehicles increased when the California Air Resources Board banned the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles.

New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington and Vermont, among many other states, are likely to ban gasoline-powered vehicles in 2035.

Elon Musk’s EV company Tesla is on track to produce and deliver 1 million EVs annually for the first time by the end of 2022, as it has delivered 908,000 so far since September 30. 343,000 to be distributed in the third quarter.
Its competitors, including Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Honda, are busy trying to catch Elon Musk’s EV company Tesla.

US car companies are phasing out gasoline powered vehicles.

According to the report – Ford company at number 2 in car sales in 2021 in the US, General Motors at number 3 in car sales, Honda at number 4 in overall car sales in 2021.

Toyota's President Has a Take on All-Electric Going
Toyota’s President Has a Take on All-Electric Going

Toyota’s¬†President Has a Take on All-Electric Going

“People involved in the auto industry are largely a silent majority,” Toyoda told reporters in Thailand, according to The Wall Street Journal. “That silent majority is wondering whether EVs are really okay as an option.But they think it is the trend so they cannot speak loudly. He may be right! I wouldn’t be surprised at all if most automotive executives dislike EVs. Eventually, the legacy automotive industry dragged its feet on EVs. In instances where he had promising products, he left them to dry on the vine. In other cases, the products rolling off the assembly line were clearly the minimum required to comply with the law.They’d probably prefer to continue making gas and diesel vehicles, and if they leave, at least have some option for batteries, which have become an industrywide headache as supply chains grow increasingly painful.

According to the survey – right now some people do not find EV vehicles as efficient as compared to gasoline powered vehicles. Many people say that right now EV vehicles should be made even better.


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